12 Jan

Ford Has Decided to Cancel its Mexico Plant

Ford has decided to cancel its car plant that was planned to open in north-central Mexico. This comes in the midst of political turmoil, and it is only natural for people to assume that it was driven by some type of political ideology. The elections most popular candidates, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, talked about the problem of American companies leaving the United States in search of cheap labor, which leaves American workers behind.


Trade Agreements and the United States


It is no secret that many states in the US are affected by globalization, which could point to NAFTA and CAFTA. Both of these agreements gave US companies the opportunity to close up shop in this country where unions are abundant and pay is high. These companies moved where they were not bound to certain laws and did not have to worry about medical leave. The new agreement, called the TPP, was going to do the same thing, except it would affect Asian countries. In short, some US companies were looking for ways to stop caring for workers and keep all of the profits.


Many of the Midwestern states were outraged by some of these moves and also devastated by them. Some say that these moves led Flint, which was one of the most prosperous middle-class cities in Michigan, to take a turn for the worst. The city has not recovered since major car companies closed their shops and has been in a state of perpetual financial troubles.


People Gravitated to Politicians who Were Against Trade Agreements


Candidate Bernie Sanders was able to win the states that were most affected by NAFTA and CAFTA, and Hillary Clinton lost these states to Donald Trump. It is clear now, or it should be, that democrats should have stuck with Bernie since he was the only one who stood a chance against Trump and trade agreements.


The American people were tired and ready for leadership that would bring back jobs and stop large companies from leaving the United States. Now, people are looking to Trump to fulfill the promises that he made to this country and bring back all those jobs.


Of course, many are saying this is the reason why Ford is canceling its plan to build a new plant in Mexico.


The Truth About the Plant Cancellation


Ford said that its cancellation has nothing to do with politics. The company was scraping the plant due to supply and demand. The Ford Focus, one of its light vehicles, is not in high demand. Sure, there is a good number of people still looking for eco-friendly vehicles, but the number is relatively small compared to the number of Americans who have not caught on to this trend. It should also be noted that since gas prices are dropping, people are opting for larger vehicles, which is having an impact on sells.


The company has decided to produce the Focus at an existing plant in Mexico and will invest money in another existing plant in Michigan. At this U.S. based plant, autonomous, electric, and hybrid vehicles will be made. This will bring 700 jobs to the hungry industry.


Ramifications of Ford’s Move


Still, the news spread like wildfire throughout Mexico, and many plant workers are blaming Donald Trump for snuffing out hope. Mexico has been a financially depressed country for some time. Many residents of this country were counting on Ford’s new factory as a source of income. Sure, the employees at this plant would not be guaranteed paid medical leave or support nor were they going to have safe working conditions, but that did not matter. Money is too scarce in this country for these types of issues to matter.


It is clear that countries like Mexico are depending on larger and more stable countries for support. There are many questions that are hard to answer, like the following:


  • Should the United States support others?
  • Does the US need to stop exporting jobs since its financial struggling?
  • Should countries deal with their own problems on their own?
  • Do American companies need to take a profit cut for the sake of the country?

The Trump Situation


It should not be surprising why many are looking to Trump and saying that he had something to do with this move. The move will bring jobs back to the United States, and Trump might take credit for it, even though he had nothing to do with it. The truth is that it has more to do with what is reported by the news and the people of this country. More and more people are threatening to boycott companies that are thinking of leaving the country.


Now, it would only be speculation to say that Donald Trump is going to start take credit for every job that is kept in the US, which remains to be seen, but there is possibly two cases where Trump took credit for something he did not do. Trump said that he was instrumental in persuading the air conditioning plant, Carrier A.C., from moving jobs to Mexico, but it seems this might not be the case. He also supposedly took credit for keeping a Ford plant in Kentucky that the company was not even planning to move to Mexico.


Ford’s move has nothing to do with Trump, but it does have something to do with the American people and the values that are becoming vital in this country.

27 Jun

Clever Tips on How to Reduce Your Car’s Mileage

An automobile is a huge investment. Like other investments, most people want their cars to last as long as possible. One step towards getting a car to last longer is keeping the mileage down. Here are some tips to reduce mileage on a car.


Use Mass Transportation when Possible

Using mass transportation not only helps someone reduce mileage, but it also helps protect the environment. Taking a bus somewhere is sometimes a fun experience.


Carpool with Others

It is not a bad idea to carpool with another trusted individual. This saves mileage on a car because it doesn’t get driven as much. Let’s say you are taking turns carpooling with a co-worker. Instead of driving your car to work five days a week, you are driving it two or three days per week. There are also park-and-ride parking lots in many areas.


Walk or Ride a Bicycle

There are people who get in their cars just to cross the street or travel a few blocks. If the weather permits, it’s not a bad idea to walk a few blocks to the store or wherever else. Using a car to drive short distances down the street doesn’t seem like much, but the miles can add up if it becomes a habit.


Use Mobile Apps to Catch a Ride

There are apps on smartphones that allow people to request a ride. After the driver accepts the passenger, he/she is taken to the desired destination. These are apps that can be used for catching rides.


Plan Routes Carefully

Drivers sometimes don’t think about planning their drive. Some people take routes that are sometimes longer than necessary. Sometimes, people may go miles out of their way because they think it’s a faster route. Carefully planning a route, especially one that you take on a daily basis, helps reduce mileage. There are many free online tools that allow people to plan routes. Additionally, mobile apps can assist with this process and can guide you on a shorter route.


Don’t Turn Down Offers of Someone Else Driving

If someone offers to drive you or your kid(s) somewhere, take it. Some schools may offer a carpool program. If that’s the case, another parent may volunteer to be a driver. Also, if someone offers to pick up you and your family to go to an event, don’t turn it down.


Combine Your Errands

Instead of going one place in the morning, coming home, and then going to another place in the afternoon or evening, try to do all your errands in one trip. This habit doesn’t sound so bad, but after days, weeks, months, and years of making multiple trips, the miles add up.

It is important to think about the well-being of your car and find ways to make it last. Once again, the following habits can help reduce usage of your car:

  • Using mass transportation
  • Carpooling with others
  • Walking or riding a bike
  • Using mobile apps to get a ride
  • Planning routes carefully
  • Not turning down other’s offers to drive
  • Combining your errands
19 May

The Sinewy Camaro

The sinewy Camaro body design is something that people need to have a look at because it is the most modern take on a Camaro that has ever happened. This is the way that most robotic Camaro would look, and it helps people get into the car if they think that the old styling was too classic. There are a lot of people who are going to need to start looking for a new car, and they should give the sinewy Camaro a look because it is more European and the most forward looking design that has been tried. Chevrolet is bolting forward into the future, and they are trying to make sure that they are giving people a chance to have the best kind of car to drive that is going to turn heads.

Turning heads is something that the Camaro has always done, but now it is going to make people wonder if the owners of the cars have had them modified. This is not like any other version of this car that has ever existed, and this is not something that most people are going to want to see for themselves. They can get close to it in silver or grey, and they can see all the darting on the body. People who are looking over the car in white or black will be so impressed with all the body work that they will want to buy it just for that.

It is also important that people have a look at the back of the car because it has a spoiler that is going to create real downforce when people on the road. Taking corners in the Camaro is very easy, and it will corner flatter than any other car you have ever drive. There are a lot of people who are going to be able to enjoy this car just as much as the other kinds of cars they are used to, and these same people are going to be able to drive the car more aggressively. They are going to be able to take hard corners, and you are going to be able to dart in and out of traffic when you are in a car like this.

You might not have thought this was a good work car, but it is going to give you something that is very impressive to work with. Also, you are going to be able to drive this car on long trips easily. The handling is going to help you make sure that you are comfortable on the highway, and you will be able to sit back and let the car take you to your final destination a lot more easily than any other car would.

You can get the sinewy Camaro at any time when you want to drive something that is really exciting, and you need to make sure that you have given it a drive on your own. You will love the body work, and the new body makes this car a joy to drive.